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The Emissary

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today on Valentines Day, I enjoyed improving the opening banner and it's here in HD for you to check out. Use the full-screen button to see it in HD. This is also a test platform for some video rendering settings I'm working on for future use.



The clip is a composite of twinkling stars I animated from one of my Door County winter astrographs, plus three things that were all recorded within a few feet of each other at Porcupine Beach in Door County, but at wildly different times and years.


The sound recording of waves was made using a huge and clumsy but very hi-res stereo field recording rig in June of 2000, when I also recorded lovely morning bird choruses and crashing waves at Cave Point. I used those recordings for my CD First Light.


The sunset was taken in May, 2011. It was super beautiful and the moon is actually in that photo - not a composite. The crashing waves were photographed in the fall of 2014 - they were immense and driven by a northeast storm. I couldn't stand up vertically for the wind pressure on my body.