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Reviews and Comments about The Emissary


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"Tim Erskine, the talented force behind The Emissary Movie, has made a film that appears on the surface to be very much like his own winsome personality: tender, quirkily funny, romantic, and techy-nerdy, with a dose of mindful living. This is a movie unlike anything else you will see this year, and that is a real shame. Every rural community should have a Tim Erskine capable of capturing its unique character." [Read the entire review!]

–John Nelson, Publisher



"The Emissary was absolutely fantastic! What a hilarious, light-hearted movie! I wanted to say a quick “hi” at the premiere but it looked like you two were pretty busy with the packed auditorium of supporters :)

Congratulations on a great film."

–Alyssa Skiba, Arts, Entertainment & Literature Editor
Peninsula Pulse & Door County Living


"If the goal was to bring joy and pride to this community, then, mission accomplished." –Bob Bultman


"What do the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Door County cheese curds and space colonization have in common? They’re all included in the playful indie sci-fi movie “The Emissary”, directed by Tim Erskine, and written and produced by Tim and Holly Erskine. I was delighted to see the world premiere in Fish Creek, Wisconsin last evening along with a sold out crowd of cheering fans and followed by milling and chatting with members of the cast and crew... Tim made a lot of calculations to make the sci fi as authentic as could be. Great blend of art and science. The special effects were so well done."

–Dr. John Beck of the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society


"The movie absolutely stunned us--so professional and well done yet so personal (Door County in its glory)! Will not be able to brag enough to encourage everyone to see it!"


–Mike and Sue Spitz 


"I really enjoyed the movie and was very impressed with the quality of all those special effects. I'm looking forward to watching it again as there were times I just wanted to stop the film to either appreciate the beauty of the scene, or to try and figure out how it was accomplished.

My only disappointment was that the credits rolled way to fast for me. I'm one of those oddballs who actually reads the credits , and I also love the "outtakes" so I was frustrated by how quickly the screen changed. Again, I'll look forward to the next time I watch it so I can get every little bit." [The theatrical and commercial release will have full-length credits to savor! –The Emissary]



"What a film! What a night! What an effort! We enjoyed and admired it so much."

–Jim and Carole Maronek


"The film definitely had an impact. Bobby [age 5] wanted to start the day by building a space ship. And a couple of his friends (the boys in the front at the DCA) went on an awareness walk this morning."

–Tracy Opper


"Much more tourist appeal, the scene locations were dreamy with balmy breezes I could almost scent."

–Lulu Schilling


"EMISSARY is a fun, warm, humane, savvy film, & amazing (especially for a debut effort!) I totally enjoyed being there with such a good DCA crowd last night. Look forward to seeing it again."

–Gerri Friedberg


"Great night and a fun movie!!"

–Suzi Hass


"Me and my wife love the film. Want to see it again."

–Mike M.


"Excellent Work Tim & Holly & Cast! Fun Flick!!! Cannes?"

–Pete Thelen


"What an amazing movie! My boy, my grandma and I had such a great time at the premiere of the Emissary last night. It was magical to see such a well produced movie with local people and places honored so well. Congratulations!"



"Thank you so much for a beautiful, funny, touching and awesome oeuvre. It was just the greatest of openings and made me proud. Thank you and I am very much looking forward to next Friday to experience it all over."



"What a beautiful evening you two...thank you for bringing so much joy to so many people."



"I keep forgetting to email you about the Emissary! It was EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed it. The cinematography was amazing! I loved seeing northern Door and all the places we love up here. The storyline was great-I had a preview from your book in the writing group. I wish you the best in Green Bay this Friday. It was very cosmic that Leonard Nimoy passed that day. Funny how life is sometimes. "

–Lynn Herman


"BRAVO...Dan and I really enjoyed the movie. The special effects were great. So much fun being familiar with the area the movie took place. I found myself laughing out loud more than once. Again, BRAVO!!"

–Sally Salopek


"We enjoyed ourselves immensely! We loved every thing about "The Emissary"--from the dialogue to the special effects and the music. What an accomplishment!"

–Mark and Betty Curzon


"Congratulations to Tim and Holly Erskine and all the cast and crew of The Emissary which had its premiere last Saturday at the Auditorium. Zany and fun, Door County was the true star along with many of our talented neighbors and its message was heartfelt. Job well done; thank you!" Ron Klimaitis and Gloria Dougherty, Ellison Bay


"Marty and I were SO impressed with your movie! Your creativity! Your ability to make "real" the unknown--and I also liked your espousing of mindfulness...Good Job!"

–Nancy Drury


"A love letter to Door County." –Audience Member after the World Premiere